Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Fun Summer Morning

Anja and I chilling in the most wonderful chair in the world. Our "Air Chair".

Having a good laugh during our morning picnic in their "tent". What are they laughing at??

This! Anja tipped over backwards in her chair! She was just silent for a moment, then said "weeee".

Our driveway.

Here's where we started REALLY having fun....

Yes, that's right... 3 sets of identical twins. It gets pretty crazy around here but we have a lot of fun.

We may not have gotten a lot done off of our "to-do" lists for the day, but we sure enjoyed our morning! Maybe tomorrow I'll put that on our "to-do" list! :)

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  1. Ok, so ... is that a camera setting? Pretty crazy stuff.


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